About Us


John Jennings

I’m an engineer by trade but an artist at heart. My tech career began 25 years ago, working my way up to the IT Director of a global manufacturing company.

In 2001 my passion got the better of me and I took the plunge into the world of taxidermy. It had been a dream of mine since high school. I spent a couple of years studying the art before opening my own part-time shop in 2003 – Heads or Tales Taxidermy.

My time was split between working a full-time job, learning Quickbooks®, setting up my shop, buying supplies, marketing, and of course, taxidermy. All in all, I found running a small business very rewarding, but it left little time for my passion. I closed Heads or Tales Taxidermy in 2008.

Sara and I started Taxidermy Direct®, a small family run business, in 2015. We worked with countless full and part-time taxidermists, some of the very best in the world. Our combined experiences produced the only online taxidermy software available today.

We know how hard it is to start a small business. That’s why we built Taxidermy Direct®. We want to reduce your stress and anxiety levels by taking the guess-work out of opening a taxidermy shop. Taxidermy Direct® was built for the beginning taxidermist in mind, but it is so feature-rich that large shops with many taxidermists on staff use our software to run their business.

I started writing taxidermy business articles in 2016. You can find most of them on my blog The Buck Stops Here®. I also became a regular contributor to Breakthrough Magazine. I’m honored to have Larry and Kathy publish my taxidermy business articles in every issue.

I joined the United Taxidermist Association in 2017, serving as the Director of US Territories. My duties included marketing, social media management, and website design. In 2018 I was elected Treasurer. I’m privileged to be able to give back to the industry.

Contact John:  john@taxidermy-direct.com