Taxidermy Direct® is the only cloud-based taxidermy software written specifically for the full and part-time taxidermists.  We interviewed dozens of taxidermists from Alaska to Florida, spoke with several schools and suppliers, and then developed use cases that later became the feature-rich product that’s available today. We continue to add enhancements and updates to support new and existing customers. 

  •  Works on Windows®, Macintosh®, iPad®, Linux, and a variety of tablets and smartphones
  • 3 User accounts (if you need more please ask)
  • Unlimited computers/devices
  • Free upgrades / updates
  • 30 Day Free Trial

Why is this important?

  •  Access all your business data when and where you want to.
  • Use your home/office computer to catch up on bookkeeping. No need to backup / restore your data from one computer to another. All of your data is synchronized and accessible regardless of where you log in. Family-run taxidermy shops love this feature!
  • Use your smartphone to check order status and follow-up with customers faster. No need to make a special trip to your shop to look up information. No need to make your customers wait longer than necessary.
  • All upgrades and enhancements are instant and FREE. No need to download and install the latest version. You have access to the most current version of Taxidermy Direct® simply by logging in.

Standard Features:

  •  Customer Management
  • Order / Job Management
  • Invoice Management
  • Expense Management
  • Fish & Game Reports
  • Printable Taxidermy Tags
  • Measurement Reminder
  • Upload Photos AND Documents
  • Export to Excel®
  • Preloaded with Suppliers, Species, Actions, Poses, and Workflows

Reports / Tracking:

  •  Invoices
  • Work Orders
  • Trophy Location Report
  • Migratory Bird Log
  • Sales Tax Report
  • Use Tax Report
  • Profit Margin Report
  • Aging Report
  • Time Tracking
  • Price List

Advanced Features:

  • Dashboards
    Revenue / Expenses

                      Cash Position

                      Jobs by Status

                      Jobs by Species

  • Productivity Tools
    Automated Customer Emails

                      Work in Progress

                      Trophies Sent Out of Shop

                      Work Not Started

  • Marketing Tools
    Microsite / Vanity URL

                      Bulk Email Engine

                      Order Analysis Pivot Table

                      Profit Margin Guidance

                      Pricing Guidance

  • Workflows
    Fish (cast replica)

                      Fish (skin mount)

                      Life-size Big Game

                      Life-size Small Game

                      Migratory Birds

                      Shoulder Mounts

                      Total Hours

                      Create Your Own

Security / Data Protection Features:

  • Username / Password Protected
  • User Level Permissions
    Shop Owner

                      Shop Manager

                      Shop Taxidermist

  • Data Encryption
    PCI Compliant

                      SSL / TLS 1.2

  • Automatic Off-site Backup
  • Backup Schedule
    Full Backup - Weekly

                      Differential Backup - Daily

                      Log Backup - Every 5 minutes

  • 99.95% Up-time Guarantee (Microsoft Azure)

Why is this important?

When we speak of security, the concept of cloud computing makes some taxidermists very uneasy. We’ve all heard about the high-profile hacks and data leaks on the news. But the reality is, if your computer is ever connected to the internet, even to check email, Taxi.net, Facebook®, or whatever then your computer is just as susceptible to the same threats as these larger companies.

The Microsoft cloud is constantly under attack. In fact, they thwart over 1.5 million attempts each day! But they also employ over 3,500 security engineers and invest over a Billion dollars a year in cloud security. The lengths that Microsoft goes to protect their user’s data makes their cloud computing platforms exceedingly safe. That’s the very reason we chose to build Taxidermy Direct® on the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Microsoft protects your shop data using the latest security encryption, plus they back it up every day, automatically. Hopefully, you’ll never be the victim of a natural disaster. But when the next hurricane, flood, fire, or tornado strikes, your business records will be safe with Taxidermy Direct®, easily accessible via the internet.

We are striving to be the best taxidermy software in the industry and your feedback is essential.

Thank you,

John Jennings

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